How To Apply For EBT Card In KENTUCKY

If you want to apply for an Electronic Benefits Transfer debit card in KENTUCKY, there will be additional requirements in the application process and you can find some of these in the list below. There is a provision by some states to have an application that can be downloaded, printed and submitted to the SNAP benefits department in KY. Other states will also simply have the ebt card application online. For those of you already receiving KENTUCKY SNAP benefits and want to know how to check your ebt card balance online or using the phone you can visit KENTUCKY EBT Balance for more information.

KENTUCKY SNAP Benefits Department
Kentucky Division of Family Support

KENTUCKY SNAP Benefits Program
Kentucky Food Benefits

KENTUCKY EBT Application
If you want to apply for your KENTUCKY ebt card you will have to locate the Kentucky Division of Family Support. You can click here to locate the closest SNAP benefits department in the state that you live in. You can also call the KENTUCKY Information hotline number at 1-800-931-9112. You can print out the KENTUCKY online application if you want to apply for the benefits and submit the form that you completed to the local office as per their instructions.

KENTUCKY SNAP Benefits Eligibility
If you have to apply for SNAP benefits in KENTUCKY you will have to meet the criteria that is set by the USDA SNAP Eligibility Requirements. You will also have to provide necessary documentation that includes a valid social security number for each household member, as this is requested by the state. Households can have up to $2000 in resources that are countable, like a bank account and this figure goes up to $3250 if there is at least one elderly or disabled person in the household. The state determines the procedure for handling vehicles. Some resources like property and real estate may not disqualify you from receiving the benefits.

Households must have a gross monthly income at or below 130% of the Federal poverty guidelines. After allowable deductions a household's net monthly income should be 100% or less of the Federal poverty guidelines in order to be eligible for SNAP Benefits. Adults who are residing in the current household must meet work requirements as outlined by the program. You can view additional details about how to apply for AK SNAP Benefits by using the SNAP Pre-Screening Eligibility Tool.